XOFIT – 50 min Functional fitness class
Strength, skill, endurance, balance, coordination, agility and speed are all components of this class.
You will find wall balls, kettlebells, deadballs, barbells, olympic lifting, use of the rig for pullups, gymnastics movements, rope climbs, dumbbells and a heap of other equipment and exercises that will make no sense to you until we teach and show you what they are and how to use them.
These classes are programmed specifically for women with a skill, strength and/or mobility componant to these sessions.
These classes will get you fitter, stronger, more mobile and chasing goals that you never thought would be possible.
All XOFIT classes have options to suit ALL levels of fitness and ages.
If you have wanted to try any of these exercises or movements but have no idea how to do them or where to go to learn, come to this class. We have very knowledgeable skilled coaches with you the whole session teaching you HOW and encouraging you the whole session


XOS – 50 min Strength Class
This class is the one you will find back squats, bench press, deadlifts, glute thrusters, Overhead press just to name a few.
We work with a particular weight, time and rep scheme to suit building lean muscle for YOU.
If you have not ever done a back squat, bench press or any of the other movements please don’t let this turn you off. We have a coach for each class teaching you HOW to do these movements correctly and giving you options to help you get to do that exercise if you are unable to do it YET.
We have a great system in place to help you keep track of your own progress and for us as coaches to help guide you along your journey to any goals you might have.
50min Classes and are different every week with a specific focus for every session ?


HIIT – 50 min High Intensity Interval Training

This class is great for Beginners right the way through to advance, there is plenty of scaling options for all exercises. We work for a particular time in intervals varying each week depending on what the desired program outcome is. This class you will find intervals of work ranging between 20 seconds – 50 seconds and rest time between 5 sec – 15 seconds. This class is guaranteed to get the heart rate up, build lean muscle and burn calories!!! You will find body weight exercises, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, wall balls, deadballs, skipping, tyres, Rope slams, cardio equipment and more… We show you HOW to do each exercise and are with you EVERY step of the class to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.


BOXING – 30 Min 

Interval Boxing is a fun filled 30 min class, No need to bring anything along – we have all gloves, pads, inners and everything else you may need in the class. Classes are always different and usually half the class in partnership using gloves and pads and the other half of the session, sweaty rounds of high intensity movements guaranteed to get the heart rate up and the calories burned. This class is perfect for beginners and those with high stress that need to get some frustration out. You do not need a partner to do this class we can accommodate for those that do not have a partner to bring with them.


EXPRESS – 30 min BURN Class 

This is a 30min Express Calorie burner! A quick full body sweaty workout that can be scaled to suit any level of fitness. A great starter class if you re just getting back into fitness, just getting into fitness or looking for something to complement your sporting activities. This class you will find cardio machines, running, bodyweight exercises, wall balls, Kettlebells, Skipping, Tyres, Dumbells and more.


BOOTYCAMP – 30 min Glute, legs and core workout 

This class focuses on Glute activation, glute strengthening, Quads, hamstrings, calves, core and everything you need to get your booty lean and strong!

This class we use resistance bands, Barbells, Boxes, Bodyweight, Dumbells, Kettlebells, benches and more.

Suited for ALL levels of fitness, ability and age. Great for those looking to rehab that have had clearances from Physio/Dr or Heath professional. This is a lower impact class focusing on slow controlled movements and activation and strengthening.